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US Presidential Election 2016

开发 erdeveloper

The main task of application is calculating of statistic prediction for US presidential election 2016. The calculation of statistic prediction is based on electronic vote from phone of each user ( voter ) of application. The statistic prediction is shown on first Prediction tab in numeric and graphical form.The application is designed for all who are interested in preferences of the 58th US presidential election (scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016) based on electronic vote from phone with sim card.
Vote by application is allowed only if you have a SIM card in the phone and you are US citizen. Then you can vote on the last Tab MY VOTE.
★★★ Please be patient application needs to collect voting data from voters a little period of time. After this time you will get a complete picture about candidates and parties.
Voting is not allowed if you are not US citizen or your device has no sim card. On such devices only actual state of preferences is visible.
Actual state of preferences is shown online. You have only one vote (combination of Electoral College and Candidate), but you can change your decision any time, according to situation about candidates. Only last one is your valid vote.
The application shows the movement of preferences of the candidates or movement of preferences of the two major political parties. Graph is updated one time per day only.
Prediction on first tab is calculated according to United States presidential election system based on electoral colleges with particular electoral votes. It is little bit complicated system but now it is calculated for you by application on your device.